In the picture

“Because we’re more than just a yachtcleaning company!”

U, the customer

Navis Organica is more than just a cleaning service like you are far more than “just a customer”.Together we want to build a solid relationship that relies on trust, expertise and spontaneity.
By upholding a strong communication with our customers we want to maintain and upgrade our services and relationships.

Our partners

We have selected our partners based on their green image and background. Together with our suppliers we try to improve our products and techniques to guarantee the best result. In this way we want to astonish you as well as ourselves with en exceptional clean yacht!

The environment

Nowadays it’s impossible to act ethically without thinking about our environment. This is why it’s very important for us to work with products who are 100% biodegradable and provided by the ECO label. So if you work with us, you are also helping the world of being a better place in and out the of the water.

  • Acting Ethically

  • 100% ecological

  • Carefully chosen partners

  • Good communication

  • Excellent service